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Case Study: Custom Foam Packaging Saves Thousands

One of our customers in the Southeastern United States is a manufacturer and assembler of large doors intended for use in mobile homes.After assembly in the customers warehouse, the doors are then shipped out across the United States throughanthird-partytransportationcompany. In order to do this,multiple doors of varying sizes are placed into a single box with no additional protection within that box. This has resulted in damage to manyofthedoors, particularly around the corners. Our team was contactedand askedto assist in designing a custom foam packaging method for the doors to help reduce damage rates.

Custom Foam Packaging and aBetter Box

Part of the reason the customers doors were frequently damaged during transit was due to the employment of a one size fits all approach when it came topackaging materials. That meant that our solution needed to be twofold: a custom foam packaging protective barrier sitting within a box built for each individual type of door. We recommended a telescoping corrugated box that can be adjusted to fit comfortably and neatly around any size door the company may need to ship. Additionally, we suggested an expanded polystyrene foam thatprovides a custom fit around each door corner. As you may recall, the corners were the biggest pain point for shipping damage, so having a custom foam packaging protective insert significantly reduced destruction rates and totally removed the costs that came along with product replacements and reships.This new telescoping box and custom foam packaging setup did come with a marginally higher price tag than the customers previousmethods, butallowed the door manufacturer and assembler to save thousands every single year because damage rates have been reduced so drastically.


A company manufacturing and assembling oversized doors for mobile home units was utilizing a one size fits all shipping method that frequently resulted in damaged doors, especially around the corners of the product.
  • Many different door sizes were put into a single size box
  • No internal protective packaging was placed into the box
  • Doors were damaged during shipment, leading to lost profit due to product replacements and reshipments

Our Solution

Our team of packaging specialists and packaging engineers helped to implement a telescoping style box that can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of different door sizes, as well as custom foam packaging to be used within the box itself. The foam fits snugly around each corner of the doorto provide cushioning and protection.Our changes resulted in:
  • Better protection for the doors during shipment
  • An increase in labor savings on repairs and replacements
  • More secure shipments with virtually no damage taking place
Despite a higher initial cost for the telescoping boxes and custom foam packaging, the door manufacturer and assemblerwasable to reduce their spending in multiple areas and keepall oftheir customers happy with their products. This meant that the company saved thousands of dollars every year due to reduced damage. If youre ready to start saving your money, reduce shipping damage, and maximize your labor hours,contact us today!

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