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Foam in Place Packaging Reduces Shipping Damage

Online shopping isincrediblycommonplace in todays worldandit still brings joy to many consumers around the globe. Weve all been there before you find a new product or company that youre excitedabout, so youputthe itemin your online shopping cart,fill out your information,and hit thatcheckout button.After that, the waiting game begins.For many customers, the anticipated arrival of their package is a thrill, but for others, aproduct will arrive broken andbringonly distress.While the shopper was getting more and more excited about the impending arrival of their new item,that productwas falling victim to the hazards of shipping and handling because it wasnt given enough protection inside itsbox or package. Thankfully, theres an excellent choice for protectivepackaging calledfoam in place.Foam in place packaging reduces shipping damage, is simple to use, and is cost effective.

The Basics of Protective Packaging

When it comes to protective packaging, there are a few key elements that all internet retailers should take note of.What you probably already realize is that customers expect their purchases to arrive in pristine condition with no scuffs, scratches, or breaks.Even better if the packaging materials you use are recyclable, easy to remove, and dont cause any hassle to get rid of. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to protective packaging:
  • The right packaging will lower your shippingcostsand return rates
  • Any box you utilize should be rigid and right-sized for your products with enough space inside to include void fill or cushioning
  • All delicate or fragile items should be individually wrapped, separated from one another, and kept away from the walls of the container
  • Truly impressive, aesthetically pleasing packaging will set you apart from your competition and give you an advantage in the market
Its clear that online sellers should be certain to use high-quality containers and boxes with added protection for the products inside. This allows your goods to arrive safely and securely to the customer, and foam in place packaging is one of the most effective and affordable ways to do so.

Foam in Place Packaging Fillsinthe Gapsfoam in place packaging surrounds mechanical piece inside corrugated box

And we mean that quite literally.Foam in place packaging systemsarespecially designed to create a customized void fill thatmolds around your product and fills up the empty space within the container.That means your goods will be safeguarded against sharp angles, jutting corners, severe edges, and more. So how exactly does this miracle void fill work? Foam in place packaging systems are relatively straightforwardoperations.Your product is placed inside a box with an emptybag surrounding it.Two liquid chemicals are injected intothehigh-density, polyethylene bag. Once the two chemicals make contact within the bag, they reactwith one another and begin to foam. As they foam, they expand inside the bag and spreadto completelyenvelop the item, taking up all the empty space inside the box and filling the void between the container and the product. This is a totally customized protective shell for your item. You may be wondering how foam in place packaging can help you if your products come with multiple parts that can't be assembled until they reach the consumer.Thankfully, foam in place packaging systems can accommodate products of all different shapes and styles, even those with a variety of different components. The smaller pieces can be carefully situated into their own protective inserts, which not only offers outstanding security, but also makes the entire item easy for the end user or assembler to access.

Foam in Place Packaging is the Way of the Future

Despite amazingtechnological advances in all verticals and industries around the world, many companies are still using packaging technologies from the 20thcentury.Whether its because they dont want to spend a little to update their processes or simply dont realize whats available, this outdated tech no longer offers what our modern-day products need. Thankfully, foam in place packagingisthe way of the future and providespremium protection to21stcentury goods.Contact our team today to get startedon adding a foam in place packaging system to your packaging line.

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